why these moms start businesses

Moms are stressed.

Stress can make moms crazy.

Sometimes crazy moms make decisions that can be crazy awesome or just crazy crazy.

Picture this…

It’s the middle of the night….

Your son wakes up and starts crying to come sleep in your bed. Just as you give in and are about 1 second away from some much-needed sleep the baby wakes up to nurse. You have a 9:00 meeting in the morning.

You are exhausted.

You’re thinking that life has gotten so hard, so stressful, you don’t feel anywhere close to the person you use to be before kids.

You feel you can’t go on with all this stress. You wonder how other moms even function.

Then – suddenly – you get the most amazing idea!

No, it’s not to hire a live-in nanny to do all the laundry, cooking and night duty. But dang that would be awesome wouldn’t it?

It’s not even to buy 30 lottery tickets to win the next big jackpot.

You decide that now is the perfect time to start a business! Yes! I mean this makes complete sense. You will launch the next best mompreneur idea.

You’d be in good company.  Here is a look at 10 type of Crazy Moms that decide to start a business.

Multi-tasking Mom

Multi-tasking Moms can balance a hot cup of coffee in one hand while carrying a baby in the other. She’s remembering doctor’s appointments, finding her husband’s key and placing an online shopping order for more diapers. This mom goes on to juggling multiple clients like a champ.

Creative Mom

 The Creative Mom can complete 30 different Pinterest projects while Homeschooling her 3 kids. She realized she needed another way to release your creativity.  She’s out there Graphic Designing or Website Designing and now can’t be stopped.

Control Freak Mom

Control Freak Mom can barely stand it when her husband folds the laundry wrong – the thought of spending the next 20 years working for a boss telling her what to do makes her want to lose her freaking mind. She now controls which customers she works for and controls her destiny.

Chef Mom

Her kid’s school lunch boxes put other moms to complete shame. She now shows other moms how to take their school lunches up a notch through food and lifestyle blogging.

Messy Mom

The Messy Mom’s car is a hot mess of old food, kid toys, and baby wipes.  Nothing is more frustrating than showing up to work after a long commute, getting out of your car, opening the back door to get your purse and a pile of kid crap falls out right as your boss is walking by. Skipping the commute and not having to clean her car is a major win.

Helicopter  Mom

As much as Mompreneurs love their kids it’s great to have a break, however not too much of a break or you start missing those little buggers. It’s not easy to tell a boss “well I’m usually up for 1-2am with my 1-year old that can’t sleep so do you want to throw in a conference call then?”  By having her own schedule she can pick up her kids from school and be in charge of her day.

Fitness Mom

 The Fitness Mom is back in her jeans in no time.  Her goal is to change the world one squat at a time and make fellow moms stronger and the best version of themselves.

Side Hustle Mom

 Just having a full-time job and being a mom isn’t enough in the “my life is crazy” department.  The Side Hustle mom wants to add 1 more thing to her plate.  She realized she was an expert at blocking out kids saying “Mom, Mom, Mom” every day so she blocks out the tv and focuses on building her future.

 So why do Crazy moms really add more stress to their day?

 Well, it’s simple. Now instead of waking up in the middle of the night with the stress of what the heck has their life become, mompreneurs are waking up with a sense of excitement, happiness, and hope.

Instead of dreading the work day – they are devoted to waking up a 5:00, before the kids and to get in an hour of work on their dream business.

Not only are they adding to the household income, they are feeling a sense of purpose and accomplishment and enjoying building something of their own.

Is it easy?  It’s not.  It’s really freaking hard.  Did you hear that?  It’s really freaking hard!

Does it always make money?  It doesn’t but that’s not always the point.  Starting something they love and created has changed their lives.

Stress on their own terms.

Living their own dreams.  Taking Charge of their own future.

So listen up people. If you know a crazy mom –  be patient and be kind to all those Crazy, Daring, Awesome, Never-Give-Up Mompreneurs.  They are doing amazing things right now.

Interested in starting a business?  I coach entrepreneurs on getting started as a Social Media Manager.  If you don’t know what kind of business you want to start make sure you take my happiness email course here.