Valentine’s day is such a fun day for kids. They love to give out cards and candy to the whole class.

Instead, make this year more fun by making something a little different.

Fun, Easy and Tasty Valentine’s Day Decorations

Candy Heart Pretzels

Kids love those little conversation hearts. So for this one you just need.

Pretzel Snaps
Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses
Valentine’s Conversation Hearts

You can find the directions here

Hersey Kisses Mice

Mice don’t have to be scary they can be cute and chocolately.

All you need is

Nontoxic Glue
Pink and Brown Paper
Baker’s twine
small googly eyes

Grab the full directions here.

Paper Plate Cow Valentine



Paper Plate Cow Valentine Craft for Kids



All you need to create this fun cow Valentine is paper plates, googly eyes, pink


Flower LollyPops

Grab the directions here.

All you need is

Construction paper, Markers, and Tootsie pops.


Here's how to make a glitter jar with kids this Valentine's Day! What a beautiful sensory bottle that will appeal to both glitter-lovers and glitter-phobes!