This year I’ve fallen in love with planners and journals. I was never into them before. But early this year I got the creative bug to start designing printable pages and it’s just grown from there.

I was really struggling with how to connect what I was writing in journals with my love for online calendars like google calendar.  Studies have shown that writing things down helps you learn and memorize it.

Also with running an online business I liked the idea of writing down my thoughts and goals.  It helped me keep a visual picture of where my business was goin.

My journal prayers were answered when I found the Slice Planner.

The planner combines a hardcover journal with an app that work together to keep you organized.

The left side of the page has a visual diagram of a clock that you mark off your scheduled meetings, events and appointments for the day.

The right side is in a Bullet Journal ™ format to list notes, important to-do’s or gratitude.




The red arrow I marked indicates the start of my day.  I make a point of getting my most important tasks done first thing in the morning in order to focus on money making tasks for my business.  I sometimes get busy later in the day with unexpected events and I don’t want to missing working on the important items.

Here’s where the fun comes in.  You then scan the left side of the page into the app.  This picks up where you have marked off appointments and synchs them to your online calendar.

You can also edit each event within the app and synch to your google calendar.


Here’s a video that helps understand the flow


Here are a few tips for finding more time in your day:

Delegate – As much as I love to be in control (I’m working on this!) I have realized I can’t do it all.  I’ve learned to ask for help when I need it and delegate tasks to other people.  This comes in the form of even having healthy food delivered when I don’t have time to cook.  I’ve learned to fight my battles!

Eliminate Distractions – with social media, kids and work it’s hard to focus on one thing as there is always a distraction or something we are thinking about.  I get up before my daughter when the distractions haven’t started yet to get the most important tasks done.

Don’t check social media – if you want to find more time in your day, the biggest gain can come from staying off social media first thing in the morning.  So many times we don’t think much about it and get sucked into watching 20 mins of videos on Facebook.

Check out more about the Slice Planner here.