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Let’s face it sometimes it’s hard to do the stuff you really want to do…let alone the crap you hate.

If you are the queen of procrastination…you are not alone.

20% of people call themselves chronic procrastinators.

But if you are ready kick procrastination to the curb, let’s get started.

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Do What You Dislike First

One way to trick yourself into getting happy about a task that you’re procrastinating on is to think about your
desirable tasks.

You can go do all those fun tasks that you love to do just as soon as you get finished with the one that seems laborious.

It’s a way of tricking yourself into having mindfulness for productivity.

Focus on Your Accomplishments

Turn those negative thoughts to positive by thinking about the accomplishment that you will have completed every day.

When you finish something gives yourself a major “You Rock!”

You can even promise yourself a little “reward” when you are done so that it will boost your motivation a little bit more.

Did someone say chocolate?

Be Mindful of Other People

I know that you are basically your favorite thing to think about.

But if you have a task that you promised your loved one, child, or friend. focusing on how they feel can help you get it done.

Now think how much you can now get them to do for you 🙂

Just kidding…not really.

Tell Yourself You Got This

Just like the little engine…let’s focus on the positive.

I think I can…

I think I can…

choo choo…and it’s done.

Take and stand and refuse to be too tired to do it. Refuse to be too upset to do it. Refuse to put it off for another minute.

Look in the mirror and say, “Today is the day that I’m going to accomplish XYZ, and just do it. Don’t even think about it.

Just start doing it and then before you know it it’s done.

Those are just some ideas to get you out of lazy mindset of procrastination. Try them the next time you drag your bum on anything.