Not everyone has the luxury to choose between their career and their family. For some, the responsibilities of being a mother are simply too much to take a lot of time away from. For that reason, we’re going to look at the work opportunities that keep you close to family or, at least, help you maintain a good work-life balance.


Finding work from home

By far, the greatest boon to working mothers has been the massive increase of working from home opportunities. As much of an advantage as it can be, it can also be a challenge. Learning new skills like avoiding distraction, maintaining your focus, and keeping yourself motivated are crucial. However, there are remote working opportunities of all kind, from copywriting to social media, virtual assistance to transcription, graphic design to phone marketing and more. See which opportunities out there best match your skills and you’re nigh guaranteed to find one which fits your scheduling needs.

Making time

Working online or running a side hustle can help you stay close to your family while you work, but it still takes up a lot of time. In order to maintain that work-life-family balance, learning how to manage that time is crucial. For instance, if you’re caring for an elderly relative, then do your best to understand their schedule and try to fit work in when they allow you some downtime. Finding the moments in time to take breaks to yourself is just as important, as you can’t constantly be taking care of one responsibility or another.


Get paid for the work you already do

You may be able to make a living with the skills you’ve accrued as part of your role in the family. For instance, many stay-at-home moms choose to open a daycare business in their home, which can be demanding but allows you to look after your child’s needs at the same time. Similarly, at-home caregivers can become paid family caregivers with assistance from the right programs. Do a little research and see if there’s any funding available to help supplement the income you would otherwise get from a regular job, or if you can apply the skills you’ve learned towards a new career path.

The return to work

For some people, the best opportunity may simply be going back to a job that meets their needs, especially if it’s a career that they loved. Navigating the return to work is tricky and trying to simply turn the clock back to how things were before you left is often impossible. Talk with your boss ahead of time about that return, and you may be able to make changes to the schedule or offer opportunities that allow you to do some of your work remotely from home.

Ensuring that you’re able to keep your sanity while handling all your responsibilities is important above everything else. If you’re in need of a little support, advice, or just an understanding ear to listen, there are several online communities of working mothers worth looking for.