Relaxed girl doing yoga exercises on holidays in a tropical beach

When you think of mindfulness, you probably think of an overall sense of positivity and well-being.

You may also think of a lot of meditation and essential oils, or creating a positive environment around you.

Mindfulness, though helpful in those areas, is also beneficial to someone who is trying to reduce their daily stress and maintain a relaxed lifestyle.

Here are some mindfulness techniques that can be used in your daily life to reduce stress.

Journaling with Purpose

Journaling is one of the best mindfulness techniques to help your relax and de-stress..

Ideally you are writing on a routine basis and journaling whatever comes to mind.

You are also adding in a bit of gratitude at the end of the journal entry.

This is something that you are happy about or grateful for in that day.

This leads you to find the patterns that are causing stress in your life.

You then take a step to remove those stress inducing issues in your life.

Breathing with Purpose

Mindfulness techniques related to breathing help you perform calming breathing techniques with the purpose of lowering your blood pressure and your initial stress related reaction. This is breathing with purpose and can be a vital mindfulness step in learning your body reactions, keeping them in check and dealing with your stress before it hurts you physically.

Meditation with Purpose

Meditation is listed in most mindfulness techniques as part of learning your body, being aware of how it feels, and how it is reacting.

Meditation with purpose is mediating to focus on your stress, relieving that stress, and finding what the root issue is.

Through meditation you can start to see a pattern in your issues and the issues you need to focus on instead of the initial knee jerk reaction of what the stress is.

These techniques can be used by themselves or can be used together to help your stress levels.

The key is to keep a mindfulness routine that works for you when you need it and maintain it on a routine basis.

The more you practice mindfulness the more you will catch yourself in run away thoughts and be able to pull yourself back to the present moment.