Today Stressed Mommy is so excited to interview Dawn Gallahue, children’s book author of Many Colors of Me. Many Colors of Me teaches children meditative skills that allows them to connect with good feelings. Dawn is a life coach, licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, and a registered sleep and EEG Technologist. Dawn teaches her clients how to get rid of deep-rooted issues to be able to transform their lives.

Stressed Mommy: Dawn thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

First of all can you tell us what a EEG Technologist is and what it focuses on?

Dawn Gallahue: An EEG technologist attaches electrodes to people’s heads and records their brainwave activity, mostly to look for seizures or other types of abnormalities. I retired from this career as well as being a sleep tech about a month before my son was born.

Stressed Mommy: Did becoming a mom trigger your idea to write a children’s book?book-cover

Dawn Gallahue: Becoming a mom certainly helped push me a long with writing the book, but I actually had the idea for it back in 2012 before having a kid was even a thought! I came across one of my old journals recently, and bam, there it was-me stating that I wanted to write a children’s book on this subject! What a wonderful testament to what a person can do when they put their idea down in writing and set the intention!

Stressed Mommy: Wow how interesting to find an old journal with that written. What type of issues do you feel mediation can help a child with?

Dawn Gallahue: Gosh, I’d say almost anything! Being able to meditate can help a child to calm down and have better focus. Meditation can help decrease stress and anxiety. It gives the brain a break and encourages mindfulness. Overall, it helps to create more happiness. And just imagine how much easier dealing with adult issues will be if you already knew how to meditate most of your life!


Stressed Mommy: Today’s society of bullying can be so difficult for a child. Is this the type of issue the book can help with too?

Dawn Gallahue: I’d love for my book to be in the hands of the kids that do the bullying and their parents. Hurt people hurt people. I think the bullies need more love than anyone. They need access to the good feelings and tools to calm down and connect with their own goodness not anger.

Stressed Mommy – In your book you use a method of teaching children to breathe in the colors?  Describe what that means. How did you get the idea of using colors to teach a child to meditate?

Dawn Gallahue:  I actually use the whole rainbow to teach the breathing! For each color, it reads, “I breathe in the color red right through my nose, down through my body, and out through my toes.” The repetition provides a nice lull, and keeps it simple and flowing.
As for how I got the idea to use colors, well there are seven energy centers in our bodies known as chakras. Each chakra is associated with a specific color as well as with certain emotions and feelings. When you read the book, you will see three “power words” for each color. These words were specifically chosen as they are connected to each chakra color. So in addition to teaching children meditation, they are also amplifying the good energy throughout their whole bodies. And even if you don’t know anything about chakras or don’t believe in them, you can still enjoy the meditation as well as the book.

Stressed Mommy: What have you seen as positive effects from parents reading this book with their children?

Dawn Gallahue: So far some of the feedback I’ve gotten is that kids are really connecting to the story. They are having fun breathing in the colors, and are finding it easier to connect with their feelings. Even my two-year-old will see my book, and say, “I breathe in colors.” One mom told me she was having issues with her daughter saying hurtful things. She was trying to teach her how to use her breathing to help calm down and was searching for ways to help her express her feelings. She wrote me after reading my book with her daughter and told me her daughter connected with it right away and was excited to learn the breathing. Oh, and I’ve also gotten some great feedback from adults as well. One woman told me she was feeling a bit angry, and she started to breathe in the colors and felt better!

Stressed Mommy: Yes I also agree the concept of breathing in the colors does help to learn the breathing.

What’s your next plan for the book? Any follow-up planned?

Dawn Gallahue: Right now I am actually working on creating an in-person workshop for kids that would go along with the book. I may also create a separate one for adults as well. Eventually I’d like to write another book which will help provide solutions for dealing with the negative emotions when they arise.

Stressed Mommy: Do you do other online consulting with parents and kids? If so, what, and how can people contact you.

Dawn Gallahue: As a life coach, I certainly can work with parents to help with general parenting issues such as dealing with stress and balance and provide support and other tools to deal with these issues. I have not yet worked with kids as a coach, although I am certainly open to it.

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This had been an absolute pleasure! Thank you so much!

Stressed Mommy: Definitely thank you so much for taking the time with me today and congratulations on writing such a great book for children.