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As you can tell by the name of my website I’m one Stressed Mommy.  Before my daughter was born I really had this idea that I would have no problem juggling work and home.  I was so excited to become a mom.  After she was born, I realize just how hard it was to handle getting another little person dressed and dropped off at daycare, commute to work, function at work, commute back to pick-up my daughter, eat, prep for bed, and repeat.  I became such a ball of stressed!  I started researching online and found out that other moms were going through the same troubles.  We just wanted other people in our lives to appreciate us, other moms to laugh with, family and friends to help out once in a while, and offer a much needed break.  So I learned to incorporate these 3 tips to juggle getting everything done.
1 – Writing everything down in a planner – I seriously have major cases of Mommy brain and unless I write everything down I miss deadlines and to-do’s and it just causes more stress.  I created this FREE easy weekly Stressed Mommy planner download to help me.
2 –  Ask for help – I wish I would have done this sooner.  We can’t do everything and it’s great for your kids to have fun days out with dad, grandma, and friends.
3 – Allow yourself a break – We can’t as moms just go nonstop without a break or we’ll crash and burn. Go for a walk by myself, get a pedicure, etc.  Come back refreshed and ready to tackle the next mom job. I also like to allow myself a glass of wine or time to have a mommy group night out. Stressed Mommy Wine is perfect for those days.
One thing to always remember as a Stressed Mommy is that you are doing a great job!  Sometimes we don’t hear it enough.
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