Leaving in California our closets are tiny!  Do you have a closet where the second someone opens the door and they gets hit with clothes, toys and books falling on their head?  If you are a “shove it in and worry about it later” type person these tips will help.


How to Declutter Your Closet

If you don’t like to throw anything away, disorganization can be pretty big. Clutter causes undue stress on our lives. Imagine opening your closet door and seeing stress-free, organized oasis.


How to Organize a Small Closet

You can buy closet doublers, which give you more room to hang clothing and you can buy tie racks, which mount onto the wall in the closet, are out of the way and yet keep all of your ties organized and ready.


What most people need is more shelving and more closet drawers. You can find that in the Whitmor 6779-4464 Closet Organizer Collection 3 Tier Shelves with 2 Collapsible Drawers.

 Cubes can be a more affordable way to organize your closet without spending a ton on a whole system.

Not having enough shoe space is a problem in many closets and you can double your shoe space by buying a few sets of the ClosetMaid Horizontal Laminate Closet Organizer for your footwear.


You can use a customizable organizer such as the Easy Track 4-to-8-Feet Deluxe Closet Starter Kit that keeps all of your hanging clothes as well as folded clothes organized.



You can use baskets like shown here to organize


There are also hanging shelf organizers that you can use, but these do tend to cut into the space that you have available for hanging your clothes. Complete systems are what are most popular and while these do run a little more cost-wise, they pay off in the long run.



Organizing your home shouldn’t be overly expensive and it shouldn’t create more frustration for you. Invest in some affordable, easy-to-use tools and watch your home transform from chaos to calm in an instant!