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How to save money this Christmas

Holiday spending can cause moms a lot of stress.  I mean people have so many parties and there is always one more person to buy for.  So it can get a little nutso if you don’t watch out. Plus traveling to see family and all the holiday cheer adds up.  I mean just because you want to have a little holiday fun doesn’t mean you need to go into debt.

So let’s discuss some ways you can be a cheap mom this holiday and still be awesome.

1 – Holiday stay-cation.  You do realize a lot of place jack up prices over the holidays right?  Who says you have to go on a vacation each holiday season? You can save a lot of money by not getting on a plane and finding fun things to do where you live.

2 – Buy presents all year long. Look for sales in the summer on items that will make great holiday gifts versus buying them all at once.

3 – DIY gifts – Doing crafts with your kids that you can give to someone else allows you to spend quality kids with them and create lasting memories that really capture the meaning of the holiday.

4 – Give the gift of time – you don’t need to buy a gift for everyone.  The best gifts can be spending time with people without spending money.

5 – Skip some parties. Don’t feel you have to attend everything that requires you to bring a gift.  Make sure you really are stepping back and taking time to enjoy the events you really want to attend.

6 – Use cash back accounts like and to earn discounts of online purchases. is an online store where you can buy gift cards at a discount, then use those gift cards to purchase products online and in the store.  Ebates is a cash back site where you can earn cash

Little decisions and actions can add up to big savings over the holidays.  So don’t feel you need to spend a ton to have a great holiday season.  Enjoy time with friends and family and put spending a lot of money in the background.