I love printables and I love creating them.  They can really brighten your day and keep you organized.

About 6 months ago I was looking for someone to create some colorful logos for me.  I found a super talented Illustrator name Angela who drew a number of pictures for me and made into digital format.

I have to say that got me hooked on how it all worked.  I started taking a number of expensive classes on Adobe.  Some of them made my head spin.

So I was super excited to hear that my friend Angela created a course to show someone how she creates such colorful and fun illustrations.  I took the course and was shocked how easy she made the process versus the ones I took.

The course takes you from a sketch to a digital illustration


Step 2 – Import into Adobe Illustrator

Step 3 – Trace outline

Step 4 – Add Color

Step 5 – Export and enjoy!

If you have considered learning how to make your own printables or just wondered how to take a drawing and make it digital – this fun course is for you.

Grab the course before the price increase on 5/21.

Follow your passions or learn a new skill.  Maybe you’ll fall in love with a new hobby or start a new business you never knew was in you!