Offices are where we make a lot of decisions. It’s where the energy can be fast-paced, which if we’re not careful, can lead us to feel worn out and frazzled.

Feng Shui can help bring order and peace to this area of your life.

It doesn’t matter if your office is at home or in a separate place.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a spacious room or if it’s just a cubicle – you can still use Feng Shui and get the benefits.

Besides sleep, the second place we tend to be most is in the office, so it’s super important that this space be relaxing and balanced.

Whether your office is located outside the home or within the home, you need to be sure to follow the guidelines of Feng Shui to create the beauty you need.

Remove Clutter

First, you should not have any clutter.

Clutter creates a negative energy.

Put away any papers cluttering your desk, file away folders and donít allow the room to get messy with an overflowing to-do basket.

Check your Furniture

The furniture in your office should reflect harmony and allow energy to move positively.

Items with sharp edges should be removed.

Your desk should not have sharp edges either, because sharp edges can cause the energy in the room to change the path itís on.

Instead, choose a desk that’s curved so that the energy moves slowly and steadily. You need a spacious desk so that you don’t get a boxed in feeling, which will create a sense of impatience and irritability.

Check your view

You also don’t want to place your desk in a position so that your view is a wall.

Don’t situate the desk so that the door is behind you. You don’t want the energy flowing into the room to flow directly toward your desk.

Create space from Electronics

Keep office machines (such as the printer and fax machine) at a distance from your desk.

When they’re placed by a desk, they create negative energy.

Green is where it’s at

Bring plants into the office to promote a sense of growth.

Divide the Room

For the home office, if you have this space carved out of a living area or a bedroom, you need to use a divider that uses Feng Shui colors to divide this space.

This division helps the energy focus to be on work while dividing the energy focus from the space where you live.

Add Color

Use the colors that signify achievement in career-related tasks.

Bring this color in with accents if you can’t paint the walls.