Here’s your step by step guide for how to easily start a blog with Siteground?

Blogging can be a good way to make side money or move to full time.

Here are the steps for how to easily start a blog:

1 – Determine what you want to blog about

2 – Pick a hosting platform

3 – Install WordPress

4 – Install a Theme

Why should you start a blog?  Because blogging has:

  • No Boss
  • No 9-5 time clock
  • You can write what you want
  • Be home with your kids
  • You can actually make money

Will it happen overnight?  No this is not a get rich quick.  You need to work at it.  But if you do and follow the steps you can create your own blogging business.

Here is a step by step guide to get you started and set up your first blog.

Note: If you decide to purchase anything (using the links below) you’ll be financially supporting my writing. Thanks for your support.

Determine Your Niche

This is where you need to determine what to write about.  You can write about Pets, Travel, Parenting, Health & Fitness, of Lifestyle.  It’s easier to pick a focus as this will keep you on track and not just writing about everything.  Writing about too many different topics will make it harder for you to market the blog later and can confuse the reader about what you are all about.

It’s also ok to change over time so don’t feel you can’t learn and grow with your blog.

I originally started my Stressed Mommy blog about just everything.  I just wasn’t sure and was testing the waters.  I had created a physical products business and my goal was to sell the product.  Over time I found blogging, writing and digital marketing a better fit for me.

However, you need to consider:

  • Can you write about this topic long-term
  • Are people interesting in the topic
  • Are people actively searching for solutions to problems in the niche.

Chose a Hosting Company

You have the option of running a free blog on or set up a blog with a hosting company.  If you use the free version you can’t run a lot of ad programs with it.  So if your goal is to make money you’ll need to get setup with a hosting company.

WordPress is the #1 blogging platform and is used by most bloggers.

You will want a hosting company that has:

  • Great customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable uptime
  • Great pricing

I recommend Siteground I originally had another hosting company but was unhappy with some error messages on my blog.  I moved to Siteground and have had no issues.

Siteground has all of the above so you don’t have to worry about sending traffic to a blog that is down!

You can also call, chat or email them with instant or 10 mins response time.  Plus 100% satisfaction rate.  What company do you know does that?

Do you hate waiting for a website to load?  Yes!  Everyone does.

Siteground has super speed technology to make your site load fast and handle all the traffic coming to your blog.

Now that you know why I recommend Siteground it’s time to setup your blog.

Sign up for Hosting

I recommend you sign up for the GrowBig plan because it comes with the Fast Speed and the 30-day backups.  No need to worry if something crashes your blog – you know it can be restored and you won’t lose your hard work.  It’s only $5.95 per month so it’s very affordable.  If you use this link you get 60% off!


After you click on Get Started you will need to pick a domain name.  This is the url of your page like mine is

A lot of bloggers get stuck on a name.  But pick something that represents your niche and you.  Think of the blogs you follow and what names you like.

It will tell you if the name is available.  When you pick a name click on Proceed.  If you notice was taken so I switched to for this example.

Now fill in your email and contact info.

In order to get a discount pick the 12-month plan and decide on the add-on options.  I do recommend privacy so you are not contacted by a bunch of companies.


Then click on Pay Now and you are all set with your domain and hosting!

Install WordPress

Awesome!  Now that you have your hosting it’s time to install WordPress.  If you go through this training and can’t figure something out, you can always contact Siteground and they will be happy to help.  Just click on the Live Chat feature.

But you got this!  You can install it yourself.

Under My Accounts click on cpanel.  The next steps I’ll show you from my site.

Now click on Wordpress install

Click on Install and verify the domain name

Now enter a site name and description, username to log into WordPress, a strong password and your email.

Now you need a theme to make your wordpress site pretty.  But you can install this from inside WordPress.   For now just leave it blank and click Install.



Now you’ll get to log into your WordPress blog!  You did it!

As far as themes I recommend Divi.  Here’s a short video on how to install Divi to make a beautiful site in 10 mins.

Now you are all set to start creating posts with content!

To get started making money with your blog head you need traffic and ways to make money.  I continue some details in this post on my other blog.

You also might enjoy my ultimate guide of tools to run your blog here.

Congratulations on launching your blog!