Travel is exciting, adventurous and often times aspirational. Yet for many people, it provides a wonderful way to escape – whether that’s to escape from a break-up, or whether it’s to escape the rat race… long term travel can provide an opportunity to relieve stress in a long term way.

However, it can also provide quite a lot of stress, from cultural differences to financial strain, and even relationship strain, there’s a lot that can go against the idea of travelling being a stress free experience.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some interesting places to consider for long term travel as a way to live a less stressful life and feel more aligned with your true soul.

It’s vitally important you take time out for yourself, as a mother, as whilst you have a clear responsibility to your children there’s only so much any one person can take, and we all need to take time out and replenish, so that we can perform at our best.

After a while, the constant strain of being a mom can wear you down, and this can feel even more the case when travelling with a family.  You therefore want to find somewhere you can travel to that allows you to set up a temporary life, for instance, finding a house for rent in penang is likely to make you feel a lot calmer than staying in hotels the whole time.

If you’re looking to travel in a way that reduces stress, then you’re going to need some of the following core elements – we’ll then take a look at what destinations are good options for this.


You don’t want to be somewhere politically or financially unstable, similarly, you probably don’t want to be somewhere that is at risk of natural disasters.  Therefore, in this sense, you want to find somewhere stable.


You want to be somewhere convenient not only to get to, but to live in, for instance, if you are living in a new environment with “very” foreign food that your kids are going to struggle to adapt to, it might not be the best idea.  Similarly, if you are somewhere that is congested and chaotic, this might not help you feel calm. You want to find somewhere to have as a base that is “easy” to travel in.


The best places to travel to, in order to unwind, are those that have lots of nature a part of them.  For instance, if you are by water, this can be very soothing – whereas living in a city often feels more suited for those looking for high energy and nights out.  You want to find somewhere, as a base, that you can enjoy living in – for instance, a beach paradise that is close enough to the main town you don’t feel too isolated but far enough that you feel calm and peaceful.


You will obviously want to go somewhere that children are appreciated, and people have a warm approach to kids – for instance, if you were to visit somewhere like Laos, you will find that most people would be happy to entertain your children for a little while whilst you enjoy your dinner in peace.  It’s also very safe in terms of there’s no risk of too many social dangers, such as kidnap, which you have to be mindful of when travelling to parts of South America, for instance.

Now that we’ve covered those four aspects, let’s take a look at some destination inspiration:


Made famous by the film Eat Pray Love, Bali in particular is known as a spiritual hotbed of creative and new age travellers – all keen to find their zen on a tropical island paradise.  Indonesia is much more than Bali, however, and there are a plethora of little islands you could settle – the only challenge, of course, is the weather in that Indonesia has been to known for quite a few serious natural disasters.


There are many different sides to Thailand, on the one hand you have the health and wellness side where people check into a retreat and detoxify their life, on the other side, you have the young backpackers that are partying all night long, and then, to a lesser extent, you have a number of families that find the vibe of Thailand very aligned with their energy.  

The great thing about Thailand is the contrast, as in, one minute you can be in the depth of the jungle, whilst the next minute you can be on a pristine sandy beach.


Spain is a huge country, with many variations in terms of the regions – in the North you have the Picos de Europas which are actually quite cool and green, to the south where most the holidaymakers visit where temperatures soar on ocean facing restaurants with a glass of Sangria and paella.  

The best place to visit, if you’re looking for long term travel that helps relieve stress are the Canary Islands.  Set just off the coast of North Africa, yet very much Spanish in their feel and identity, these islands off a good climate all year around with fantastic food, drink, and scenery.  Here, you can find water as clear as the Caribbean, and live on a very modest budget whilst having a high quality of life. The vibe is very much one of surf families, but surf families that have remote jobs and balance both work and play – it’s not the sort of place people go to drift around, it’s the place people go to live and embrace life to the full.

In summary, long term travel can certainly help relieve stress, but you need to go about it in a way that is stable and thought out – as the last thing you want, particularly if you’re travelling with a young family is the stress of backpacker style travel.