As a busy mom, you often find yourself run right off your feet every single second of the day. Whether you’re trying to pack up the lunches or schedule in dentist appointments for everyone, your day never quite runs smoothly.

When it comes to home tasks you know there are a million things you have to do before you can chill out.

You want to make your home feel like an easy, breezy palace where stuff just gets done when it needs to. 

Here are some small and simple tips to help you out. Whether you’re updating the security system to put your mind at ease or you’re getting your kitchen cupboards organized, there are so many ways for you to get ahead.

Say hello to a new smooth and stress-free household rather than a panicked, manic one. Make these tweaks and updates now and you will soon feel much calmer every single day.


Invest in a Security System

Do you ever get that panicked feeling when you leave the house for the school run? Did you leave the front door unlocked? Is the dog causing havoc in the kitchen? If you often find yourself worrying about the safety and security of your home, then you might want to invest in a high tech system to put your mind at ease. You can read more here about protecting your home against intruders or vandalism. Similarly, your camera systems will be able to check your kids got home from school safely and that your dog isn’t running wild. The truth is, if you can find any way to reduce your stresses on a day to day basis you should take it and run!


How many times have you battled with a drawer to try and find something you urgently need? The clutter than builds up throughout your home is crazy and it doesn’t make your life any easier. Imagine how simple life would be if you could find everything you needed right on time. Knowing where that essential item is, might just prevent you from being late or getting stressed.

Spend a day or two decluttering your entire home, from the closets to the cupboards. Throw away all of those mismatched socks that are never going to be worn again and rid that drawer of take out menus from the 90’s. Soon enough you will have a blissfully clear home that is easy to navigate around every day.

Organize Your Storage

Now that you have decluttered your home and disposed of unwanted belongings it’s time to get organized with your storage. Rearrange some of your drawers and cupboards to make more sense so that you aren’t left scratching your head every morning when you’re trying to find the kid’s gym kits. If you find it useful you could put labels on the storage boxes you use, so that the kids can help you find stuff when you need it. The more organized your storage space can be, the more clear your mind will be too.

Be Clever in Your Kitchen


When you get home after a stressful day at work the last thing you want to do is think about cooking a delicious and nutritious dinner for your entire family. Save yourself the everyday stress by cooking easy meals in batches. Freezing soups, curries and stews will save you a whole load of time when you can’t be bothered to think of an innovative dinner idea. You can get prepared by investing in plenty of Tupperware boxes so that you can throw your leftovers into the freezer every time.

Stay on Top of the Housework

When you step into the kitchen and see a crazy huge pile of dishes it can be quite an overwhelming feeling. If you can, try to keep on top of your housework as much as possible. If you don’t it will quickly become an unmanageable mess and you will never want to tackle it. Adopt a clean as you go strategy and try to do a quick clean up at the end of every day.

If you don’t allow your housework to pile up, you will always feel in control and calm.

Create a Chore Chart

Keeping on top of the housework all by yourself is a lot of hard work. If your kids are old enough to take on their own responsibilities, then having a chore chart at home is an excellent idea. Every single person can be in charge of one or two things each day and it will help you out a tonne. Once everyone becomes used to their individual job, your house will start to run like clockwork.

Use the Family Calendar

Having a big, busy family means trying to keep track of everybody’s whereabouts at all times. Is Jimmy at soccer practice? Is Mary at ballet? You will never be able to remember all of these facts if you don’t write it down on the family calendar. Keep the calendar in a clear place in your home; the kitchen is usually the best area to keep it. Write every appointment and social event into the calendar and you will never go wrong!

Sometimes all it takes is a little preparation and hard work to make your day run more smoothly. If you aren’t sure where to begin, use these ideas as a starting point and everything else will soon fall into place. Whether you’re sharing the chore load with the rest of your family members or you’re adopting a clean as you go strategy, you will soon find that your household is running slicker than ever before. You will soon be able to adapt to most of these changes and you might even find that you have more time on your hands now. See if you can make more out of your day, by adopting some of these smooth and stress-free strategies.