It was so good when humans were running from lions, but now…not so much.

With kids and jobs…you feel more stressed than ever.

How to Beat Stress Naturally

Stress is a natural human reaction to situations that life throws at us when we’re not expecting it.

It can cause physical as well as psychological problems and can escalate to severe anxiety attacks…lovely. 

These days doctor want to just throw medication to make you feel better.

But medications don’t work for everyone and you don’t want to deal with side effects.

 There are other ways to beat stress that don’t involve the act of popping pills every day.

A Walk A Day

Taking a long walk to clear your head is one of the best ways to alleviate stress.

Walking is an excellent form of exercise for your body as well as your mind.

You can walk out your frustration so that you’ll be able to come back refreshed and tackle your problems again. 

Listen to Relaxing Music

Give your mind a break with soft, relaxing music.

Our brains take in lots of information from the things that we read, hear and see every second of every day.

Your brain is basically on OVERLOAD.


The overload can cause stress to escalate and bring on a number of problems for us, so give it a break.

Listening to relaxing music will ease the racing thoughts and help us to quiet the mind.

Find a Hobby

Find a hobby to do and be sure to make time for it at least once a week.

You could start a craft project, read or find something else you know you’ll enjoy doing. 

Get a Massage

Another option you could try is to treat yourself to a massage.


Stress can cause your muscles to tighten and ache, making your stress worse.

A massage can loosen up those muscles, which will loosen up your mind and you can then be ready to face your life again refreshed and renewed. 

If you can’t get out to get a massage try essential oils at home to relax.

It’s ok to Cry

Don’t be afraid to let your emotions surface.

If you’re so stressed that you want to cry, then let those tears flow.

Built up stress has to come out somehow, so it’s a lot safer to let it out through tears than to wait until it explodes into uncontrollable anger. 

Control your stress before it starts to take control of you. Find what works best for you and beat stress in your life.