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How can you make money with your blog? That’s the big question.

fter a year of growing my blogs part-time I’m excited to finally create this post for you. I hacked the code of how to generate my first $1,000 month in passive income from my blogs. In this post, I’m going to break out 5 of the hacks I used to make this happen.

==>>If you want to start your first blog, here is a step by step walk-through of how to start your first blog.

Now I didn’t put enough focus on affiliate marketing at the beginning, instead, I worked a lot with clients as a freelancer.  However, I realized that Affiliate Marketing and creating courses were the key to getting where I wanted on my blogging journey.

So I changed my focus to creating passive income about 3 months ago.

Note: This post contains affiliate links which means we make money if you purchase at no additional cost to you.

Here’s a summary of the income breakout.

Udemy – $400

Affiliate programs – $749

Create a Digital Course

I created a course that I originally planned on selling for hundreds of dollars. However, after I thought about it a bit I realized I did not have enough free content out for people to know about me. Even though I knew I had put months into creating the content, no one else did.

How could I expect someone to pay hundreds for a course without knowing anything about me?

I was pretty crushed by this. I felt the course was great but didn’t know what do it except spending tons more hours putting out free content.

Then something hit me – Udemy. Udemy to me is like the Amazon of courses. 20 Million people look for and use Udemy to learn something new. However, during sales your course is put on sale in the $10-15 range. So you have to be willing to sell more courses but make less each course.

I figured this was a great plan. I could use this course as an offer after someone opt-in to my email list.

So I put my Mastering Digital Marketing, Facebook Ads, and Sales Funnel course up on Udemy.

You can also track where your sales are coming from using coupons or from Udemy.

Before buying a course on Udemy I recommend you sign up for Ebates

Ebates provides cash back on Udemy purchases.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of recommending products on services on your blog or through email and making a commission when someone purposes those products.  Now to some people, it might seem slimy or salesy but if you view it as you would recommending a good book or movie to a friend then it’s very similar.

I thought I knew a lot about Affiliate Marketing and Pinterest but recently joined the Billionaire Blog Club and learned so much more about what I was missing in my strategy.  You really do need a strategy when you focus on increasing your page views, traffic, and niche and it’s all covered in this training.  This training is also constantly updated more than other courses I’ve taken.  As Pinterest is always changing you need someone who is going to keep up with what works.

You should have your blog started already.  If you need help starting a blog these courses can help.

The key is to recommend products you like, use, or have tried.  After you have tried the product and like it, it’s much easier to recommend it and come across as helpful and authentic.

Also make sure you are complying with FTC disclosure requirements for your blog posts, ebooks, emails, and social media that you are using affiliate links.  Also, any affiliate links should be No Follow links.

Have a Resource Page on your blog is a great way to consolidate the tools you use and make it easy for your readers to find the products you like.

Some income examples from this month


The top income earners for me are

Divi theme – wordpress website theme

Clickfunnels – sales funnel builder

Siteground – website hosting

Thrivecart The best tool for selling your own digital products and setting up your own affiliate program for your products.

Shophermedia – digital shopper marketing platform that connects brands with millions of targeted shoppers through a trusted environment of direct brand-safe influencers

Shareasale – Various companies to promote

Awin – Various companies to promote similar to shareasale

Content Marketing

Once you have identified which products you want to be an affiliate for you need to then create content around the product.  This can be an interview, blog posts, or step by step training videos.

I found training videos to work well for me but experiment what works for you.  Here’s an example of a video I created.

To get a head start on creating some blog content I have found plr articles to be very helpful.  What is plr?  It’s known as private label rights and it’s articles that are created by writers that you can use to rewrite and publish on your blog.  This can be a huge help when you are just staring at a blank page.  I created this viral pin with PLR.

Here are my favorite places to get PLR.

CoachGlue – Melissa and Nicole have amazing topics on coaching, list building and social media.  Try these freebies to get started – New Client Kit

How to Easily and Effortlessly Create a 10k Per Month Recurring Income Stream!

Tools for Motivation – Justin creates a lot of PLR around Motivation, Self Help, Productivity and Gratitude.  Great stuff.

healthandwellnessplr – Health and Wellness Articles

Content Sparks – Sharon focuses on Blogging, Writing, and Course Creation topics.  Great Quality.

PLRMinimart – Tiffany is one of the best plr writers out there and her topics are pretty much everything!

Email Marketing

It’s not enough to just rely on your blog to get clicks and sales from affiliate marketing.  The next step is to build an email list.  This starts with creating freebies that your customer wants and solves a specific problem.  Then to build a nurturing sequence continues to provide value and also consider leading them to additional blogs posts that provide value and contain more affiliate products.

You need to create a landing page to capture email addresses.  My favorite tools for this are Divi, Leadpages or Mailerlite.

My favorite email system for affiliate marketing is Convert kit.  I also like ActiveCampaign but they are strict on affiliate marketing (it needs to provide value) so when starting out it might be too tricky.  Mailerlite is also great for starting out.

Learn more about digital marketing strategies here.


Once you get signed up with affiliate programs and start creating content based around your affiliate offers you will need to get traffic to your website and to your freebies.

I’ve had the most success with Facebook Groups, Pinterest, and Guest Posting on other blogs.