With the stress moms have about juggling whether to stay home and raise their children or return to work, at some point a lot of moms consider home schooling. My sister in law decided to home school her children and was really happy with her decision. Although I don’t have plans to home school my daughter I was wondering about the benefits of home schooling. Here are some benefits I’ve learned about home schooling and I’d love to hear your decisions about why you are for our against home schooling.

Being around other kids

One big worry is whether a homeschooled child will be socialized. However there are so many activities during the week that you can attend to find children their age to play with either at places like the YMCA or homeschool support groups. Even when I try to find weekend activities for my daughter I realize there are way more programs during the week to attend.  If you’re willing to put effort into finding classes there sure does seem to be a lot available in most cities.


being home school can be a great option for kids that have been bullied. Either as a short of long term option if a child gets away from a bully situation they can focus more on their studies and less on worry about school bullies. For me I have some bad memories of annoying kids at school and as you grow you realize how it’s not super important to have others like you. But as a child growing this is a huge deal and something I do worry about for my daughter.


As homeschooling has become more comment, more universities accept homeschoolers. As long as the child meets local requirements about what classes they need to take.  According to onlinecollege.org even schools like Harvard now seek out homeschoolers.

Volunteering and extracurricular activities

As I mentioned above I noticed that there are tons of programs to take kids to during the week. If a child is not in school at day there is an option for you to choose what activities they attend which can be really fun. Also getting your child in volunteer activities can be a real benefit through their lives.

Online programs
Now there are so many opportunities from your child to take a one or a lot of classes online. You can pick what options work best for you and your child.

Ultimately, the decision whether to homeschool or not is up to you.  Join support groups and ask friends you know who home school to help make a decision that works for your family.  If you decided to homeschool what was the deciding factor?