Are you a busy mom?  Well if you are a mom you are most likely super busy.  You already have a lot of things on your plate, including work and taking care of your family. And most of the time, the last thing to focus on is getting more exercise

Let’s go back to what led you to look for tips for busy moms to get more exercise. You may be getting tired with little things lately or you may have gained weight. Whatever the reason is, we are here to help you.

Top 20 tips for busy moms to get more exercise

Play with your kids more

When you play with your kids, you burn calories even without realizing it. Why? Kids love to run around the house, play tag or even wrestling. Playing with your kids help you have a better relationship with them plus an added bonus of getting exercise.

Park farther away

When you park farther away, you are forced to walk and walking is a form of exercise.

Commit and schedule exercise

Get your calendar and schedule what time of the day you’re going to have your exercise. You can also set an alarm to remind yourself that it is already time to get an exercise. You can make a list of 5 minute exercises and do those exercises at different times of the day.

Have more sex

You know that sex burns calories and it strengthens your relationship. It’s easy for busy moms to not be in the mood, every little bit counts right? 🙂

Walk after dinner

One of the best tips for busy moms to get more exercise is to go walk around your neighborhood after dinner.

Walk instead of drive

Aside from parking farther away, if you have to go to a store near you and the distance isn’t that far, take the opportunity to burn some calories by walking instead of driving.

Use smartphone apps

Since you have your smartphone with you always, make the most out of it. You can download apps that monitor the number of steps you had per day. You can also download apps that can help you with your journey on being more active.

Have an exercise journal

You may have your own food journal with you but you don’t’ have an exercise journal yet. Why is an exercise journal important? You can monitor the different exercises that you did. Aside from that, you can see your progress and know if you need to change or up your exercise routines.

Positive visualization

Constantly reminding yourself that your body needs to be taken care of and that includes exercise is one of the best tips for busy moms to get more exercise. It’s as simple as constantly reminding yourself by posting something on the wall, on your fridge or even at the office.  Or try a gratitude Journal.

Take before and after photo

This is one of the most effective tips for busy moms to get more exercise. Why? When you see how the simple things affect your body, you’ll be more motivated to keep on exercising.

Measure yourself

Numbers don’t lie. We all know that. Measuring is more accurate than a weight scale.

Involve your family

Talk to your family about your decision about getting fit and eating healthy.  This is going to affect them as well.  They might surprise you and join in your efforts.

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Find a local group

You can get support from people in your local community.  Check to see if there is a group that talks about healthy eating or getting fit. You gain new friends and you have people who will keep you accountable

Find a mentor

A mentor is someone that has either accomplished a goal like yours or someone who knows a lot about health, fitness and healthy eating.  You can find them in multiple places – on Facebook, through a website or even locally.

Find people to walk with at work during breaks

Find another busy mom in your office! Share with her the tips for busy moms to get more exercise. This way, you have someone to walk in the office with the same goal.

Plan work out dates with other moms

This is excluding the time you’re walking around the office. If you have other friends who are struggling to have some time to exercise, you can start by picking one day in the entire week where all of you will commit and workout together. It can be in the gym or a run around the park.

Stop Making Excuses

All of your efforts will go down the drain if you start compromising. Stick to the plan and stop making excuses.

Appreciate small consistent changes

Small consistent changes over time will benefit you more than starting and stopping diets.  Plus it’ll be better for your self-confidence.

Change routines to support a healthier lifestyle

Get up earlier every day and add a few minutes to exercise and meditate on the blessings that life has given you. Start your day right physically and mentally.

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…and last but not the least…

Focus on how you feel

Once you’ve started exercising and eating right you’ll notice a difference in how you feel – both physically and emotionally.  You won’t be as tired, stressed or irritable.  Your body will be more flexible and you’ll breathe easier. Be happy with the changes you are going through.  You’ve earned it.