If you’re looking for some extra income, this blog post may be just what you need. We’ll explore 17 skills that people will pay you for- even if they seem unrelated to your current job title.

Did you know that every second $4,108.80 is spent on information products?

That means that people are paying other people to learn from them at a rate of $355 million dollars a day!

But I’m not talking about college classes!

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I’m talking about the stay at home mom who is paying $47/month to be in an online community helping mothers keep energy in their relationships…
A photographer paying $997 to get 5 monthly training calls to learn the secrets to scaling their wedding business.

I’m talking about the young and upcoming authors paying for a $500 weekend zoom workshop to learn from the best authors in the world.

The world is changing! And people are paying for information at an incredible rate! And guess who the “new era” teachers are?


Because I know for a fact that you’re good at something, you’re passionate about something and that there are people out there who would pay to know what you know!

So with that being said… Let me ask you this one question so I can get to know you even more…

If you could get paid for a skill you have, something you’re good at, an expertise or even a hobby of yours, what would it be?

We all underestimate the value of what we have learned and I’d love for you to think about it and share.

I truly believe that you have the knowledge, expertise or a skill inside of you that the world needs! So if you were to unpackage that wisdom and get paid to share it, what would you choose?! I’m dying to know!

I’ve been asking everyone I come in contact with and the answers are amazing.

1 – Proofreading – if you like to correct grammar you can be a proofreader.

2 – Writing Emails – build an email list and send emails promoting offers.

3 – Taking Photos – make money from photos on your phone

4 – Social Media Management – If you know how to manage your personal or business accounts, this is the perfect job for you! Social media jobs are really hot right now and businesses need to now how to get leads online.

5 – Blogging or Web Development – start your own blog with a host like Siteground. Add a Theme like Divi and you can even set up websites.

6 – Ebooks – help coaches create ebooks online

7 – Manifesting – everyone can manifest, build YOUR dream vision

8 – Chatbots – As long as you know how to write – help local businesses get more leads using chatbots.

9 – Dog Training – help others train their dogs.

10 – Shopping Online – Many websites will pay you cash back for shopping online.

11 = Filming videos – Rank on youtube without even getting on camera.

12 – Coaching – If you love to help others, you can coach. You can even setup a referral system to get clients to come to you.

13 – Sell Your Own Product – If you can teach someone how to hit a ball farther, dance, speak a language. You can sell your own product with just 1 page.

14 – Designing Tshirts – If you are good at design you can sell your own Tshirts using your own design. You don’t even need to maintain thousands on inventory when you using Print on Demand sites that so all the printing and shipping for you.

15 – Teach a Class – You can become a teacher on a site like Skillshare or take a class to improve your skills.

16 Acting or Voice Over – Find acting or voice over jobs either remote or local in your area on sites like Backstage.

17 – Or find your true calling if you are not sure what your purpose is.

It’s so amazing that people are paying to learn about all of these wildly different things, and there’s thousands more…Literally the list doesn’t stop!

Isn’t it most all of our dreams to make an impact, leave a legacy and generate the type of income that allows us to have control of our time and decisions?