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As a member of the Stressed Mommy club, you stress about many things (duh that’s where the stress comes from!) Stress from saving money, getting in shape, and even trying to walk out of the house each day without looking like you are wearing yesterday’s clothes covered with some combination of breast milk or dog hair or the running nose remains your toddler wiped on your shirt.  Well I don’t have the breast milk part anymore but seriously my daughter loves to treat my shirt like a kleenex.  Where the heck do kids learn this sh*it?!  Ok anyway back to you.  Let’s look at 13 beauty tips to not look like a Stressed Mommy mess.

Now years age I had that routine of ok let’s wash, then use the eye makeup remove, then exfoliate, then moisturize, a little eye cream so I look great as I age, oh it’s a chill night so how about a little mask while I watch tv.  Eh yeah those days are gone like my flat stomach.  So what’s a Stressed Mom to do?

Stressed Moms also find that some days putting on makeup is a complete luxury.  Mascara where have you been my friend?   I have been in situations where I think, Heather let’s pull this together!  Ok so I realized that looking good doesn’t need to be some hour long process let’s look at ways to get that speedy beauty routine and show the whole that you got this whole mom juggling thing down.

    • Makeup wipes – These are so easy to use, inexpensive, and the containers are small enough to throw in your purse.  Well if you can find them in your purse after you through them in.  ugh.   Or keep them by your bed in case you lay down at the end of the night and realize you forgot to wash your freaking face.  Seriously? Again?  Or just use baby wipes.  Kidding that’s probably not good for your face.
    • Keep your eye cream in the fridge Keep your eye cream in the fridge, since it has a nice cooling sensation to wake you up in the morning, so you can get that “hey I’m not Stressed out look”.
    • Get a combo moisturizer/sun screen/foundation – so you skip a few steps but still don’t get fried by the sun all in one.
    • Lip Scrub – a lip scrub is a fun way to perk up your mood and feel like you got a mini lip facial.  Keep one in the car as you waiting at a red light just apply and wipe off.
    • Lipstick – a bright fun lipstick color and distract people from how tired you are.
    • Dry Shampoo – insert mic drop here
    • Hats – I’m the queen of wearing hats.  If I could wear one everyday I just would.  I’d never ever do my hair.  Truth.  I think moms should get a pass to wear hats to the office whenever they want.
    • Ponytails/buns/braiding– these are like little miracles that even when messy you look like you took time to do something.  Braid your hear before bed to wake up looking like you just where at the beach and now you’re dropping your kids off at school because that’s how you roll.
    • Mascara – I have to use mascara everyday or else I look like I’m kind of like this zombie character, I mean it’s super weird.  Anyway applying a little mascara super quick is a must do before running out the door.
    • Dry Body Scrub – I was introduce to coffee body scrubs and let me tell you it’s a slice of heaven in the shower.  It’s not slippery and in tons of scents you can smell great and your skin ends up feeling like a baby.  Waaaahhh!
    • At home face mask – Every once in a while spoiling yourself with a charcoal face mask to pull out crap that clogged in your skin feels like you just left a spa.  Heaven.
    • Pillow rollers These curl your hair without any heat.  You can wear them to bed and wake up with awesome curls.  I love these.

So that’s it.  What are your go to short cuts for pulling yourself together?