How to Declutter and Organize your Home Fast

Most of us have a lot of unnecessary things stuffed in every corner of our house.  Cleaning out every closet and drawer is a super hard job.  Most of us are so busy and stressed already it’s so hard to know where and how to start. I know I’m so busy all the time that looking at clutter drives me NUTS!  Plus you waste so much time searching for things when your house is unorganized.  So here are a few tips on how to declutter and organize your home fast.

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Grab my favorite book on decluttering 

Organize your computer cords

My hubby is always complaining about the computer cords in the living room (but HE never did anything out it!).

So I decided to try these Cable Clips.

You just peel off the back…

Stick to the side of your desk or table and bam! Organized.

Check if your kitchen gadgets and tools still work

We all love kitchen gadgets.  Broken ones should go straight to the trash. Never keep something you aren’t using “just in case” if you store in your attic or garage it just adds to the clutter.

Put labels on everything

Labels make it easier to find what you want without opening up every jar and basket.

Here are 3 truths for decluttering.

Get rid of unused stuff

Grab a bag or box to start putting items you no longer use in your closets, living room and kids rooms.  Consider things like now you can watch movies and listen to music your phone. These may be the time to say goodbye to your stack of CDs and DVDs from your living room. You can then store these ‘vintage’ keepsakes in a box and move it to the attic or better just send them to goodwill.

Hang up photos

Create a double purpose for your photo frames by hanging them on your walls. You’ll be able to clear clutter and free up some space, plus these photos will decorate and bring a better feel to your home.

Organize those books

Do you have a bookshelf in the living room? Sort them by keeping the ones with decorative covers on display and storing those simple ones away. You may also consider giving some books away.

These bright orange cubes can declutter and brighten and organize any room.


Get rid of clothes

Look through your closet and pick out those you haven’t worn in a while. Get them out of your closet and donate them. You could also start a garage sale to turn them into extra cash.

Get a jewelry organizer

To hold all your accessories in place. There are a lot of styles available online such as a jewelry tree and clear pocket organizers.

Remove unnecessary furniture

Rooms are to bring us to relaxation, and you may find it hard to relax if you can’t get even get in bed without crawling over junk.

Check the de-cluttered areas at least on a weekly basis.

Clear out any sign of clutter before it builds up.  A big area for me in the mail.

Using a hanging organizer can help declutter it off the table.

Have a storage box ready

Get a storage box for all the things you got from the clutter that you know want to give away. If you plan to give them to just one individual, it is better to give them all at once rather than giving it one by one.

Free up clear spaces

It helps to create the illusion of a well-organized area. This might also help you determine if the area is still organized or not.