How a Stressed Mommy fits in exercise

A lot of stressed moms don’t have the time to go for a run or hit the gym, however it doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape.  I know, one thing I hate hearing is, if it’s important to you you’ll make time.  But putting that into a daily routine for some moms can be harder than it sounds.  So we stressed moms often have to figure how we can squeeze in our own ways to burn calories.  I mean seriously we have to figure out how to juggle everything don’t we?  I admit this has been a struggle for me.  Finally as my daughter has gotten bigger I’m getting back into a more seriously routine.  I’m lucky that I do love to workout but still finding time has been a huge struggle for me.

So I thought I would put together this list of 10 tips o get our heart rates going (besides yelling at kids) at fit in some exercise.

Exercises you can do at home

Here are a few exercises you can do right from your couch or floor.  These are simple exercises you can do in between Netflix episodes (assuming you even have time to watch tv) or while the kids are watching their shows.

Bicycle crunches – Bicycle crunches work your core and leg muscles.  To do a bicycle crunch, lay on your back, then lift your knees up close to your chest. Your hands behind your neck and lift your upper body into a crunch. While sitting up in that position, move your legs back and forth as if you are pedaling a bicycle.

Leg lifts –   Leg lifts can be done while laying on your side and lifting one leg at a time.  Or if you are laying down flat on your back, you can try alternating lifting one leg at a time lift both lays at the same time, lowering them halfway, then lifting again.

Oblique crunches – Lay flat on the floor and lift your knees similar to bicycle crunch, but twist them to the side so you can work out your side muscles. Now lift up and down with your upper body to do the crunches while always holding your legs up.

Arm workout – Grab a pair of handweights and try some different types of arm raises, shoulder raises, and bicep curls while sitting down. Challenge yourself by gradually increasing the repetitions and using heavier weights.

Push-ups – Either full or motified push-ups are great to fit un during commercial breaks.  Just try doing as many push-ups as you can.

Jumping jacks –  Jumping jacks are sneaky in that they dont look very hard but main they can get you.  The great thing about jumping jacks is that they provide a good cardio workout right at home.

Wall sits – Stand against a wall and move down until you are sitting in a position, as if there is a chair beneath you. Hold for 30 secs and work up as your get stronger.

Planks – If you aren’t quite ready for push-ups, you can at least do planks during commercial breaks. Try to hold the plank for the entire commercial break, or at least through one whole commercial. The more you practice them, the longer you will be able to hold the planks.

yoga – There are mommy and me yoga classes you can go to, but as a true stressed mommy, this is probably not going to happen. Instead of doing that, just try some easy yoga poses you can do at home with your baby and without instruction.



Walking is one of the best workouts you can do when you don’t have a lot of time, or you simply don’t have the energy for long and complicated workouts. Walking is something that is easy to do, doesn’t require any fancy equipment, and won’t take up a whole lot of your time. You can even get this exercise done while doing other things, so it feels far less like a workout, which is great for all the stressed moms out there. Here are some easy ways to motivate yourself to walk more every day.

Challenge your friends with a fitness tracker – You might not have a lot of motivation just to use your fitness tracker on your own, but consider how much more motivating it is when you challenge your friends. If everyone gets the same type of tracker, such as Fitbit, you can actually track each other’s steps and workouts during the day. You can also post your results on social media. Have new challenges each week, such as trying to walk 12,000 steps a day, or aiming for a certain distance by the end of the week.

Sign up for a charity walking event – If just getting in a good workout isn’t enough to motivate you, what if you were to do it for a good cause? Find a charity that you can help by participating in a charity walking event. Setting a goal of training for an event can help motivate you to get in your daily walks.

Pick a fun location to walk – I like walking in this great park by my house.  Walking around a track or on the treadmill can be boring and is really hard to motivate you to keep doing it every day. However, if you find a perfect spot you love the zoo or the beach with the kids in a stroller, it might just give you a reason to get out of the house and get moving.

Listen to an audio book while walking – If you love to read, you can instead listen to your books while also walking. I have a subsciption to Audible, which is great because I never have time to read anymore.  Plus when you get absorbed in a really good book, you barely notice that you’re exercising.

Exercises You Can Do in the Office

If you are someone that absolutely will not workout once you get home, then you should try to find ways to exercise during your normal workday. 

Do squats during conference calls or while waiting for the printer– Ok conference calls can be pretty boring sometimes so if you have an office and can put the call on mute why not fit in some squats.  Whenever you are standing around for something while at work, you could be squeezing in some exercising. Now people might think you’re slightly nuts but hey you’re a Stressed Mom so you do what you have to do.  But if you’re too embarrassed to do that in the office, just squeeze in your abdominal muscles and buttocks muscles, or stand on your tip toes.

Take the stairs – If there are stairs in your office, you should try to use the stairs as much as possible and skip the elevator. To get even more exercise from the stairs, try walking up them two steps at a time. You do want to be careful when wearing heels, so perhaps save this for days when you are wearing flats or boots. If you’re wearing heels, you can instead suck in your abdominal muscles while walking up the stairs, or just increase your speed while also holding onto the handrail.

What ways do you fit in more exercise as a busy Stressed Mommy?